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Massage is a powerful tool for reducing stress, overcoming injury, reducing or eliminating pain, and more... Analyzing your ergonomics combined with stretching can often achieve amazing results. If you want a relaxing massage, or you need help recovering from an injury or surgery ABQ Medical Massage is here for you.

ABQ Medical Massage was founded to provide the public high quality massage at a reasonable price. John Cummings #4767, and Daniel Castillo #7860 are licensed Massage Therapists and certified Medical Massage Therapists. Our goal is to give each person high quality massage that satisfies their wants and needs. If you want a relaxing massage, maybe you are having headaches, sore neck, back pain, or were involved in an auto accident...ect. we will tailor the massage to your needs. John Cummings has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2004, Medical Massage Practitioner since 2005, developed and taught a Medical Massage course 16 weeks,  2006 - 2015. Daniel Castillo, a student of John's, has been a licensed Massage therapist and a Medical Massage Therapist since 2013. 



Therapeutic & Medical Massage

I believe massage was the first form of medical treatment, "it hurts, can you rub it". It has been written about for over 3,500 years. Applied by the right practitioner it can have great results. Below are description's of Therapeutic and Medical Massage to help you choose which would be best for you.

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Therapeutic Massage- is based on the five strokes of Swedish Massage, some trigger point therapy, and some myofascial release. the goal is to relax, de-stress, or to relieve minor aches/pains/headaches. Therapeutic massage is meant for the aches, pains and stresses of daily living. For some, it can be used as a maintenance after medical massage has help you to over come an accident, injury, or surgery              Therapeutic Massage is $55.00 plus tax



Medical Massage- is base on the person, fitness, age, and severity of the main complaint. The therapist makes choices about which techniques to use and how to apply them. Everyone is unique. Each person has different needs. A 65 year women needs a different massage than a 25 year old male or female. Moderate to severe complaints cannot be treated in one massage. The number of treatments depends on the person and the type of problem being treated. Massage works well with Physical therapy and Chiropractic treatment. They make each other more effective. If you have any questions about Medical Massage or if it can help you please call us at 505-489-8539.              Medical Massage is $70.00 plus tax          

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